Various Moroccan dishes like Lamb Shanks, Couscous, Tagines, etc. A slideshow of Moroccan Cuisine items like Kefta, Chicken Sumac, Lamb Chops, Falafel, Babaghannough, Moroccan Cigars, Stuffed Grape Leaves, etc. A picture gallery showing Moroccan food dishes, salads, Kibbeh, kabobs, charbroiled vegetables, couscous, lentil soop, etc.

Moroccan Cuisine • Oak Park & Chicago


“I live in the neighborhood and come to Grape Leaves often. It is by far one of my all time favorite restaurants.” -Meghan

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“I've loved this place for years! It's an unassuming little hole-in-the-wall, but the best middle eastern food I've ever had.” -Iris

“Your place is phenomenal! Long time customer! Wonderful service, flavor and options!” -J Macino

A table at Grape Leaves Moroccan Restaurant, in the Heart of Oak Park, in the Chicagoland Area

Grape Leaves of Oak Park   •   129 S Oak Park   •   708-848-5555

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“Went with my Lebanese extended family, glowing reviews all around, even rivaling grandma on a few dishes. You know how big that is.” - Antony

A set of tagines steaming with Moroccan food

“We have ordered from Grape Leaves for years, and this year for my daughter's birthday we catered [with] them and it was a hit! The presentation was beautiful and our guests loved the food!” - Wendy

Moroccan specialty dishes from Grape Leaves Restauran near Chicago
A Delicious Plate of Falafel with Salad
A stunning vegan dish with charbroiled vegetables and rice
A succulent Moroccan dish of juicy chicken braised with olives and preserved lemons
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Moroccan Cuisine in the Heart of Oak Park

Grape Leaves of Oak Park

Moroccan Cuisine. Carry out. Delivery. Catering.

“STUNNING! Hands down the best restaurant I've been to in years!” - Graham

“Grape Leaves never disappoints. We eat here everytime we are in Oak Park.” - Linda

“The falafel were perfect and the dessert was so unique in its taste that I was surprised at how palette-pleasing it was.” - Marie

“Everything I have ever had was delicious. Don't miss this spot.” - Mary

“It's just perfect. Food is delicious and really well prepared and presented. If you are in the area I would highly recommend giving it a try.” - Re

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Grape Leaves of Oak Park

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